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New Perspective Psychological Counseling


I work with children and adults who are having emotional difficulties. By using empirically supported methods, in which I have been extensively trained and experienced, providing a calm and welcoming setting where your concerns are heard, psychological discomfort is put at ease. Symptoms are relieved and the effect is long lasting. Likewise, I work with couples who are struggling. I have been married for thirty years so I know how to effectively overcome disagreements. I am here to stand by your side, impartially, in the difficult times of life, which we all experience. I look forward to meeting you.


"A lifesaving therapist.”

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me and my family. “

"Your wisdom and advice have been a tremendous help to me."

"You have done great things for my son."

A teacher wrote, "I saw such great improvement in my student in such a short time. Thank you."

An adult client wrote, "While utilising sandplay, I quickly saw the problem and was compelled to solve it."